hostel life tips

10. Oct 2021
hostel life tips

Hostel life can be difficult, especially for first-timers. It takes time to adjust to a new lifestyle and it can pay off. But like everything else in life, hostel experience is unique, and having tips on hostel life can always be helpful!


Tips For Hostel Life To Make Sure You Have The Best Experience

If you are one of those who enter the hostel then consider these  tips that will make hostel life easier for you.


1. Get Home-Made Food Regularly

Whenever you visit a home or any relative make sure you get home-cooked food because we should not be surprised that the food on the hostel machine is time consuming! This is one of the cardinal's advice on hostel life, and we will get you and many friends!


1 tips on good hostel life


2. Share and Care

People in the hostel will take your things, whether you like it or not. Embracing the fact that sharing is one tough rule everyone living in a hostel will make your days less stressful. And remember, the more you share your credit! If there is anything you need to know about hostel life, it is that sharing is caring!


3. Know When to Say “No”

It will be easier to say yes to everything and everyone will start to get along with people, but soon it will start to affect your whole life. While you may find yourself resolved on how to make hostel life more enjoyable, understand that it should not come at the risk of losing your peace of mind. Understand that it is okay not to go out at night or to stay up all night just because everyone else is like that. Or refusing to borrow your expensive earphones from someone who doesn't have much trouble doesn't make you arrogant or clingy. If so, it gives you more confidence in life.


3 tips on good hostel life


4. Learn Hidden Deeds to Avoid People

It is common for you to be a little annoyed with the people around you 24 × 7. Chances are in a few days the feeling will be gone and things can go back to normal without them finding out! Life in a hostel in India can be very good for everyone who is above your head at all times. So the sooner you learn the hidden tricks, the better!


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5. Keep some money stuck away

You will never know where you end up spending money when you live alone, especially in a hostel, where you can keep track of every few cents you spend on yourself or others. And before you know it, you're left with an empty purse. Try to withdraw money at the beginning of the month and hide it in your almirah on a rainy day like this! This is one of those hostel life tips you will always be grateful for!


5 tips on good hostel life


6. Share with Neighbors At least Once a Week

It is VERY important to put your rookies together properly - after all, you will spend most of your time doing nothing at all. So make sure that you and your roommate plan or do something together at least once a week. It can be as simple as watching a movie or as complicated as preparing for doomsday, just make sure you do it! Hopefully, playing with your roomies is your answer to how you can get used to the hostel!


7. Be Friendly With Hostel Managers / Guards / Cooks

They are the ones who will give you the most benefits during your hostel life - whether it's extra chicken or late night entry or permission to stay away from the weekend, they can make everything easier for you. Have fun and start talking a little bit whenever possible, it will take you a long way! Let's just say in all our hostel life tips, this is important for your survival!



8. Check the Bathroom Before Entry

Because, honestly, you don’t want to get stuck in a waterless cubicle and it always happens at the worst possible time! This saves about 101 when it comes to how to stay in a college hostel!


9. Get Up To Time With All New TV Sitcoms

You will need this latest information to start a good conversation with anyone in your hostel. This will also give you more hours of life-changing conversations and friends to enjoy in the future! Of all our hostel life tips, this one is really fun!


9 tips for good hostel health


10. Learn Basic Health Activities

Time to do some basic growth, guys! Washing your clothes and dishes, cleaning your room all at once - you'll need to learn this on your own. But don't despair, when you see everyone around you fighting the same things, you will know that everything will be OK!


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11. Practice Sleeping Noise

No, no one is going to lower your volume around here, sadly, and if you are one of those people who need complete peace to sleep you will be sleeping most of the night. The best way to get used to getting used to sleeping with music playing or having the TV turned on before entering your hostel is to get used to your sleep cycle in the future! These hostel life tips will save your sleep!


11 tips for good hostel health


12. Participate in College Activities

Don't lock yourself in your hostel and its residents, get involved in college activities because you will have time and you will stay there! Not only will it keep you busy and introduce you to new people but it will also give you many things to add to your CV!


13. Honor Your Elders

Admittedly, they have been here for a long time so they know better. If you respect your elders, they will respect you and help you when you need it because no one does that b



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