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Reach targeted and active visitors in the Pakistani Community on in Pakistan and around the world. Currently receives over 60,000+ page views and 30000+ unique visitors daily. By adding your banner advertisement on you will be targeting lots of new potential customers to your business or services that you offer. will help you reach more consumers searching for businesses, products & services 24hrs a day. Having your banner advertisment on our directory can bring you new potential customers. 85% of the users at least once a day. Start your advertising and start growing your business within the Armenian Community and help support all Pakistani establishments/businesses around the world. 



Banner Sizes, Placement & Pricing 


  1. 728x90 Banner (All Header Pages
  2. 728x90 Banner (All Category Pages
  3. 728x90 Banner (Front Page Header
  4. 728x90 Banner (Front Page Middle
  5. 728x90 Banner (Front Page Footer
  6. 250x350 Banner (All Search Pages


Free professional banner design will be provided for all first time advertisers. Contact us today to get started.   



Video Advertising


Get your video in front of thousands of people by adding your video ad on Get your brand or business noticed by thousands of active and targeted users on the website. Video Advertising has ranked very high in the past few years and it has very proven and effective results. Start your video advertising today by contacting us now!    



Available Slots:


10sec Video (Front Page Header)


15sec Video (Front Page Heade)


30sec Video (Front Page Header)


1min Video (Front Page Header)




10sec Video (Front Page Middle)


15sec Video (Front Page Middle)


30sec Video (Front Page Middle)


1min Video (Front Page Middle)

 website visitors 

  • 80,000+ Page views daily
  • 3000+ Unique visitors daily
  • 85% Of visitors 18-65 years of age
  • 52% Of our visitors are male
  • 48% Of our visitors are female
  • 60% Attended or graduated college
  • 92% Of users made a purchased online
  • 88% Visits once a day
  • Average Annual Income: $85,000


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